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This post is to celebrate the 30,000th download of 100 Boxes for Maemo Fremantle. In 144 days since its first appearance in the Maemo Extras application catalog, 100 Boxes has been downloaded 30,216 times, an average of 209.8 downloads per day. Moreover, 16,897 game scores have been submitted to the online high score table.

Thanks to Maemo.org community for software QA testing, to people who sent comments, complaints and suggestions, and to everyone who just downloaded and enjoyed the game.

Maemo Extras statistics say that, so far, there have been 9,423,777 downloads of the 278 available application packages, an average of 33,893 downloads per application. Therefore 100 Boxes is positioned roughly in the middle of the ‘long tail’ shape of the typical download distribution of application catalogs. Must-have and wildly popular applications are at the top of the tail, while applications that are useful only for very specific audiences are usually at the bottom. And then there is the bulk of packages that stay in between. Personally I am proud to contribute to this important part of an application software platform ecosystem, and even more for the high quality of applications to be found in Maemo Extras catalog.

And now what? Simple: let’s keep developing new compelling applications and improve the existing ones.

Edit: the number of score submissions was wrong. Now it is correct.

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  1. Jim
    01:22 on maggio 18th, 2010

    Nice almost 10 million apps download !

    keep developing people !