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Good news! Since July 3, 2010, 100 Boxes version 0.8.0 is in Maemo Extras-testing for community quality assurance.
Please help testing the application so that it can be promoted to Maemo Extras. Cast your votes and comments to http://maemo.org/packages/package_instance/view/fremantle_extras-testing_free_armel/100boxes/0.8.0/

But what are the changes in the new version?

  • Added localization support
  • Added Italian localization
  • Added personal game statistics
  • Added automatic saving of game state and statistics
  • Nicer game sounds
  • Added the possibility to disable sounds
  • Added daily and weekly views in the worldwide high score table

Haven’t you been persuaded? Here you are some screenshots:

New game

New game

Playing a game

Playing a game

Game over screen, enhanced with personal statistics

Game over screen, enhanced with personal statistics

Worldwide high score table, now with daily and weekly standings

Worldwide high score table, now with daily and weekly standings


  1. DaSilva
    14:40 on luglio 26th, 2010


    Can you add a duration to the high score so that the one who solved the puzzle in the shortest amount of time doesn’t have to share his place with other people (make it a real competition)?
    And it would also be nice to see your local high score every time you want (for people without an internet connection).

  2. I’m having fun trying to figure this out; it looks awesome! Great job, there’s only one thing bugging me: the game over screen takes a while to appear. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have to take that long; do you fetch the highscore tables before showing it? I usually click “new game” and have a fully yellow board before it appears.
    Other that that, it looks perfect (sans some localization to be done, of course).

    Speaking of localization, I can try a Swedish translation if you want, though I’ll leave for a couple of weeks tomorrow.

  3. fgs
    15:53 on luglio 26th, 2010

    @DaSilva: Nice ideas, I will seriously consider both for the next version.
    Thank you

  4. fgs
    10:48 on luglio 27th, 2010

    No, the highscore tables are fetched only after you submit your name. Actually, nothing related to Internet connection happens before you tap the ‘OK’ button in the ‘game over’ screen.
    When no more moves are possible, the game waits exactly 2 seconds while playing a sound (which one depends on whether you win or lose) before showing the ‘game over’ screen. This is meant to let you review the table before covering it with the dialog.
    Does your problem happen every time or just sometimes? Are you running other programs in background? If so, which ones? Please try to reproduce the issue and provide all of this precious information into this bug report page.
    Thank you for your appreciation and for support for Swedish translation. When you come back from your trip, please feel free to contact me at the email address you find in the ‘Guide’ page of 100 Boxes.

  5. DaSilva
    10:55 on luglio 27th, 2010

    Great, good to know!
    Maybe you can also show for each tab (today, week etc.) what your personal record (best place) is!?