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As you may know from my previous post, in latest 100 Boxes version I added localization support with English and Italian versions.

But a strange fact occurred: when building the .deb packages with my machine (Ubuntu 10.04 + latest Maemo SDK), the language files were included, but when using the maemo.org to Autobuilder the build process went OK but the language files were missing.

Unfortunately, I noticed the problem only after 100 Boxes 0.8.0 had reached Maemo Extras repository, so everybody is still downloading an English-only 100 Boxes. My own quality assurance checks when the package was in Extras-devel were not accurate enough to pinpoint the problem: this is a lesson I will remember.

Likewise, QA tests performed by maemo.org community members when the package was staging in Extras-testing did not highlight the issue. It is fair to say, however, that the issue was almost impossible to notice for people not using Italian as system language on their devices.

After analysis of Autobuilder output, some guesswork and trial-and-error, I managed to spot the cause of the problem. A script was not executed by the Autobuilder, because it was called with an absolute path instead of a relative one.

Finally, I just uploaded version 0.8.0-4 to Extras-testing repository. The only change with respect to 0.8.0 is working language support. Please help test it and vote on the appropriate page, so that it can be promoted to Extras and fulfill the promise of localization support, at last.

Oh, just one more thing. If you want 100 Boxes in your language, why don’t you help translate? 100 Boxes uses *.po files for localization, which is the recommended method for Maemo apps. If you know how it works, just grab the latest revision of template.po in 100 Boxes Subversion, edit it, save it as <your translated language code>.po and send it to me (my email address is in the 100 Boxes Guide, accessible from within the game). If you need assistance, just send an email and I will happily help you help me 😉


  1. DaSilva
    17:47 on agosto 4th, 2010

    If you would add the translations to Transifex I would translate it to German:


  2. fgs
    18:18 on agosto 4th, 2010

    @DaSilva Great, thanks! I am still quite busy these days, but vacation is approaching and I hope I will put files on Transifex very soon!